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Bhavana & Saketh

South Indian, Telugu


January 2024

Amidst the lively streets of Bangalore, Bhavana and Saketh commenced their journey of love that traversed continents. Despite calling Chicago their home, their hearts found connection and solace amidst Bangalore's dynamic ambiance, where their love story blossomed amidst the city's diverse allure. Their wedding journey in Hyderabad symbolized the merging of cultures and the celebration of their union.

Amidst the whirlwind of wedding preparations, Bhavana and Saketh seized a moment to capture their affection in a place imbued with sentimental value. Surrounded by Bangalore's verdant landscapes and urban vibrancy, they found themselves enveloped in their own world, their laughter harmonizing with the city's energetic rhythm. In these spontaneous instances, amidst the city's bustling activity, their love radiated brightly, a source of joy and optimism amidst the commotion.

As they exchanged vows and embarked on the next chapter of their lives, Bhavana and Saketh's love story unfolded with grace and sophistication. Against the backdrop of Hyderabad's rich history and timeless charm, they embraced their editorial portrait session with a sense of wonder and reverence. Each captured moment encapsulated not only the beauty of the occasion but also the depth of their affection and the promise of a lifelong journey together, transcending borders and uniting hearts with every smile and tender embrace.

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