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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is your crew?

The size of the team is decided based on individual requirements. A team of three is good enough to capture a wedding in its entirety but we can also get a team of 10 or more if needed.

What are your charges?

Our Pricing really depends on the photography package you are wanting to take up. We typically charge between INR 50,000 to INR 1,20,000 for a day depending upon the package. One day of wedding coverage is typically 6-7 hours of shooting.

How much in advance should i book you ?

As soon as you are informed that you're getting married. We're just a call away. But a minimum of 6 months is a good time.

Can you accommodate last minute bookings at this time?

Depends on how last minute this is! We will try our best to be part of your special occasion and capture some good memories for you!

Is it enough to just hire a Candid Photographer?

We would not suggest that if documentation is your priority. While our candid/creative photographers will be happy to shoot a few group photos if required, we would suggest you to atleast have an additional photographer who is focussed on documentation & groups.

Are you ok if we hire additional photographer / videographers?

No we are not. We try to keep our compositions clean by avoiding distractions and people coming between our frames. We work very closely within our team to ensure we do not obstruct each other's frames and for this very reason we work in exclusivity.

What are the different kinds of films you offer?

We offer cinematic teaser, trailer, full-length feature films & traditional film. A teaser is a crisp-cinematically handcrafted cut from your big day whose duration is usually around 40 to 60 seconds. A trailer is a 2-3 minute cinematically handcrafted cut revolving around the couple and close family members to build and portray a story. A feature film is a cinematic cut that includes a much detailed coverage of the ceremonies, first circle family and friends whose duration can range from 5 minutes and can go upto 20 minutes depending on a lot of factors. A Traditional documentation film is a lengthy detailed coverage video with the most basic simplistic cuts & BGM which shows the rituals and people

What is the difference between traditional & creative coverage?

Traditional coverage (photo & video) is where the shooting crew documents events, group pictures from one steady angle. Creative coverage involves candid photography & cinematography where creative compositions are shot in variety of perspectives, story-telling format. This form of coverage is focussed on the couple & the first circle family only.

How are the delivery of photographs done?

For this we are a personalised cloud gallery specially created for you with password protection, which is easy share with family and friends also on social media. Also you can Favorite your most liked pictures.

Where Are You Based And Do You Travel?

We are based out of Bengaluru, India. However, we do love to travel across the world.

Do you charge an extra amount for the weddings that you do outstation?

All travel and accommodation related expenses for outstation and out-of-the country shoots are as per actuals. Our prices will remain the same no matter where we shoot.

What kind of Travel & Accommodation do you expect to be provided for outstation weddings?

We are not picky about travel or accommodation but our equipment are for sure. All we ask for when it comes to travel is that our precious equipment be handled carefully and there is enough space to stow them away safely. As for accommodation, we are happy as long as no more than two artists are assigned to a room. While we don’t need too much room, our equipment needs to be recharged before we start next.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Our detailed cancellation and refund policy will be declared in the contract before we finalize engagement. As a general rule of thumb, while we are flexible with rescheduling, cancellations will not result in any refunds.

Do you provide same-day live editing ?

We would love for you to see special glimpses from your big day. Although, Live editing makes sense only if you wish to display the prior events on the main day. Our super humans would require a minimum of six hours before you get to see a glimpse of your big day on the big screen.

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