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Meghana & Shubham

North-South Indian

Nesara Centre For Culture, Bengaluru

December 2023

From Pondicherry with Love : Meghana & Shubham's Wedding Tale

Their love story blossomed in the serene charm of Pondicherry, weaving its way into something truly remarkable. Meghana and Shubham's journey from acquaintances to soulmates is a testament to the transformative power of love.

Amidst the tranquil beauty of Pondicherry, Meghana and Shubham's hearts found solace in each other's company. What began as a chance encounter soon flourished into a deep and abiding love, nurtured by the gentle breezes and idyllic surroundings of this coastal haven.

As they stand at the threshold of marriage, Meghana and Shubham carry with them the memories of their time in Pondicherry, where their love first took root. Like the waves that kiss the shore, their bond is ever-flowing and infinite, promising a lifetime of happiness and devotion.

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