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Love and Weddings

Love and weddings go hand in hand, A sacred bond, a love so grand. On this special day, two hearts unite, As they embark on a journey so bright.

Two souls entwined, a love so true, On this blessed day, their hearts renew. With vows exchanged and rings placed on high, They embark on a journey beneath the sky.

Through sunshine and rain, they'll stand as one, Their love a beacon, shining bright as the sun. In each other's arms, they'll find their peace, A love that will never cease.

Video : rêve weddings

Love is a gift, a treasure to hold, To cherish and nurture, both young and old. On this wedding day, we celebrate the love, Of two hearts entwined, blessed above.

May your love grow stronger with each passing day, As you navigate life's journey, come what may. May you always find joy in each other's embrace, And may your love forever grace.

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